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   Some of our clients   

- Le Groupe Cirque du Soleil

- IKEA Canada

- Le Groupe Jean Coutu

- SPEC Haut Richlieu

- Les Francofolies de Montréal

- Int. Mongolfières de St-Jean sur Richelieu

- Festivent de Lévis

- Festival Famille de Havre St-Pierre

- Plattsburgh City Hall

- Eagle Country Radio

- C.S. des Hautes Rivières

- C.S. des Phares

- D.S. Francophone Nord-Est

- D.S. Francophone Sud

- Gouvernement du Canada

- Chalet des Érables

- Chaussures POP

- Renaud Bray

- Le Groupe Chartwell

- Toiture Omer Brault

- Hopital Juif de Réadaptation

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  • A personalized and adapted service

  • A professional quality service

  • Shows and entertainment to meet your expectation 


The company


Rien Dans Les Manches was founded in 2007 and is owned by Eric Nadeau. He wears many hats such as manager, accountant, organizer, planner in charge of the promotion of the company and also the magician under the name of ERICK ELEKTRIK and ERICK NADO.  Over the years, he has been able to surround himself with exceptional collaborators with qualifications and expertise in the artistic field.




For more than 20 years, the magician-humorist has been making young and old laugh by presenting shows throughout Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta and the United States. He is a magician of course, but he is also a comedian.

Self-taught, he began his career in 1996 as a micro-magic artist. With a growing interest for the stage, he rubbed shoulders with professionals in the field who guided him on his path and helped him put together his first show. In front of the public's interest in his performances, he improves his acts and acquires new skills such as mentalism, juggling and balloon sculpting. He develops his own style and proposes a different show with interactive and participative numbers. Although he loves to perform in family contexts or for young audiences, he also has a show and animation for teenagers and adults.

The name Magician-Humorist suits him perfectly, having been trained in the school of humor, his style is unique and very original.

Since 1999, he has regularly performed for various cultural communities in Montreal, including Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan. Despite cultural and linguistic differences, he knows how to adapt to all clienteles and to date, he has presented more than 375 shows.

In 2011, he founded the Regroupement Des Magiciens Québécois with the goal of promoting the art of magic and prestidigitation in Quebec. He organizes magic auctions and various events for both amateur and professional magicians. Since then, the Regroupement counts more than 240 members.

In 2013, it also creates a series of shows entitled Le Laboratoire Magique at the cabaret Le Fripon de Montréal. A monthly event that gives variety artists the opportunity to test acts in front of an audience.  With the help of his accomplice Bernard Lebel, (juggler) he shares the stage and animates these evenings while presenting duo and solo acts.

In 2014, he is part of a sketch on the Bye-Bye show presented on Radio Canada where he plays the role of a magician alongside Pierre Brassard and Laurent Paquin. He also travels to our neighbours in the United States, where he gets a few engagements at festivals and municipal gatherings. He presents his show two years in a row at the Mayor's Cup of the municipality of Plattsburgh N.Y. Since then, he has developed a market in Burlington and performs comedy-magic acts at the Vermont Comedy Club.

In 2016, he built a barrel organ with which he presents original musical animations and thus creates a more festive atmosphere during his performances. He also sets up duos with Mino Mucret (singer) with whom he develops an old French style show, integrating tunes and songs of great French artists who marked the time.


Over the course of his career, he has developed business ties with several major companies such as the Cirque du Soleil Group and IKEA. 


And with all these years, he continues to maintain this passion that lives in him and takes advantage of every moment to share it.

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