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Our proposal is simple, effective and has proven itself in other educational institutions in Quebec.


WOW! Finally a simple and effective solution that has proven itself to raise funds for your school. 

End the sale of chocolate, citrus fruits, coffee, fine cheeses or clothing. Not to mention the management and storage of these items.


Our proposal is simple, effective and has proven itself in other schools. We offer you a professional variety show combining magic, juggling and humour. This 75-minute show features Mr. Ben (juggler emeritus) and Erick Elektrik (professional comedy magician). Both of them are concerned and generous with their arts, and both of them have over thirty years of experience in presenting shows in schools, so you will have the assurance of quality and professionalism for this type of event.





















How it works


You are three emails away from your goal

Simply send three emails to parents (one per week) to announce and promote the event. This email will direct them directly to our ticket sales platform. They will be able to make their purchases online via their credit cards, in the comfort of their homes and at their convenience. Ticketing fees will apply and will be detailed before the transaction is completed.

Our goal is simple, we anticipate a sale of 4 tickets per student at a cost of $10.00 each + taxes. You will agree that the price is very reasonable, that the goal is achievable and could be achieved very quickly. On each ticket sold, the school will receive 50% of the price (before taxes) or $5.00 per sale.


For example: 300 students X 4 tickets = 1200 tickets or 1200 tickets X $5.00 = $6000.00 in funds for your school. In the case of sales of more than 400 tickets (may vary depending on the number of people in your gym) we will do more than one performance in the same week.


Follow the sales on a daily basis

Our online ticketing platform allows easy management and internet access to track sales online. You will be able to see the number of tickets sold as well as the number of seats available.


In addition, for each performance, we install a popcorn and cotton candy booth as well as coffee, water, etc. to create a more festive and memorable effect for everyone. You will be able to receive a percentage of the profits from these candy sales.


We provide everything, i.e. canteen staff, technical equipment, sound system, online ticketing service as well as the backdrop decor. We even have sample emails at your disposal for your convenience.

You have no deposit or minimum fee to pay.

We will use your gym and we ask that you provide us with one person at the door to greet people who will be coming to the show. A memorable evening that all students will want to attend with their parents, families and that everyone will remember for a long time. I propose a meeting to answer all your questions about this project and in the hope that we can contribute to your fundraising in a fruitful way that meets your expectations.

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